Friday, June 22, 2012

Jerry the dimmest cat in the world

Yesterday I was doing some training with Snoopy, and Jerry decided he'd like to come along and see if the dog's treats were worth eating.  Yet he NEVER eats anything except for his kibble from his bowl.
Have a laugh on his account :-)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Windy Walk at Piha

This week has been lovely, both my husband and I have had the whole week off work - just to relax!  And also because our last holiday (at Christmas-time) was spent looking for Snoopy, so not relaxing at ALL!

The weather has been dreadful this week, but yesterday morning we managed to head out to Piha Beach (on the West Coast of Auckland, it is an iron sand beach like most west coast beaches in the North Island) for a good long walk with the dogs.  It was very windy out there, but it was a lovely walk - and we only saw two other people on the whole beach, the whole time we were there!  Pretty amazing, as in the weekends the beach is full of people, especially if the weather is nice.
It was high tide, so was hard work for us humans walking in our gumboots.  Snoopy and Rocky had a great time, it was Rocky's first time at Piha.  The beach is split in two by a large 'rock' called Lion Rock, North Piha (to the north of Lion Rock) is off-leash, so of course - we walked there.

I didn't take my camera, but had my iPhone with me, and was surprised with how well the photos turned out, especially the ones taken of the dogs running!

Rocky and Snoopy posing, part way up North Piha

 meandering along

 Having great fun playing 'bitey-face' and 'zoomies' together

Me and the terrible two

 Noel-John and Rocky (and a stick)

Now I just wish that I could have every week off work!  sigh, back to work on Monday will be hard!

(photo collages created at - check them out, awesome photo editing and collage creater for free!)